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Car repair and restoration for enthusiasts
Before welding, came cars. Although I enjoy working on a wide variety of projects, my passion remains in the automobile sector. If your project involves an engine and wheels, this page is for you. Here you will find a portfolio of my automobile-centred projects, and a bit more detail about my working process.

Porsche 911 Cab Turbolook conversion

The client came to me with his 911 SC Cab restoration project, with the desire to create a 964 Turbolook (965). He is pretty handy himself and will do most of the work in his own garage, but to weld the wide arches/rear wings he needed a professional hand. The two rear wings had be heavily damaged in the past so we decided that it would be best to work with two complete 965 or 930 rear wings. That way we know the car will look right and little body filler will be used.

Once the wings were welded in place I repaired a couple previously damaged areas that were beginning to rust again. I also modified the windscreen frame to retrofit a manual roof. The rest of the restoration will be done by the owner himself. Kudos to him.

BMW E87 1-series rally car chassis work

I was contacted by Chargertech B.V. to assist them on the welding of a BMW E87 1-series rally car. The task was to seam weld the chassis, repair some badly welded areas, and install the custom strut towers which will act as camber plates and allow for more caster. The added caster will help give a more reactive steering which is a bonus on a racecar. The car will then be built with a S54B32 engine. Should make for a fun package, right?

Various rust repairs : cosmetic and APK (Inspection)

Here you can find examples of rust repairs, which are either cosmetic or needed to pass periodic inspection.