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BMW e39 6-speed swap. Part 2.

Thank you for joining me again on this second part of the 6-speed gearbox swap on my BMW e39 Touring. If you haven’t read the first part and the introduction of the vehicle, I invite you to read it here and here. Replaced shifter seal on GS6-37BZ I haven’t spoken too...

1972 Mercedes 508D collision repair

I met Julien Navarre through the Mercedes 508D fan page on facebook. We were both in Bordeaux at the same time so we decided to meet up. My girlfriend and I were in our 608D, but Julien’s 1972 Mercedes-Benz 508D was in the garage for repairs. He told me that earlier...

1974 Mercedes-Benz L608D SWB company car?

At the end of 2016, the girlfriend and I decided to get a van. We wanted to travel through Europe and try to work on the road at the same time. We sat at the table and looked at our budget (max 7000€), sorted our needs and looked at possible candidates. We both only...

A bit about me

From colourful scribbles to welding machines: how I got where I am today