Welcome to Orion's rust repair and welding

Whether you’re a car enthusiast restoring a precious vehicle, or simply looking for a competent welder, I travel to your doorstep and provide high quality work that will last.

Quality matters

I take great care in my work and provide high quality that lasts.


Customer satisfaction

Clients come back for new projects — not to fix what I’ve worked on before.

Valuable craftsmanship

I do custom work to meet my clients’ needs, and use my knowledge and experience to advise them along the way.

I specialise in welding steel, but I also have experience in working on stainless steel and am currently developing my skills on aluminium. I work with a MIG welding machine, but can also use a TIG machine if needed.

About me

From a young age I have had a love affair with cars, and in my early twenties I landed a spot at the highly specialised Espera Sbarro school in Montbéliard, France. There I was part of a small team that spent a year building 2 car prototypes from scratch. I was able to use my technical background and penchant for design while learning many new skills.

Welding sparked my interest in particular, and I find there’s a certain magic in being able to transform roughly cut metal into smooth, strong and functional forms. I then worked at various garages, accumulating my experience and knowledge of cars, and was eventually able to start focussing my skills on welding.

Today I run my own business, tending to a wide variety of clients and projects. While my love for cars remains at the forefront of my business, I also greatly enjoy the variety that comes from working on other projects, whether they be securing a house railing or spending a few weeks on an intricate art project.

When I’m done working, my passion for cars remains, along with another for bicycles — more speed on wheels. My joys in life are travelling, tasting wine with passionate people and eating good food with friends.

Customer-friendly, correct and affordable craftsman!


On a very cold day, he did the work in front of my house. I think he threw in a bit of extra work and that for a very good price.


Orion has worked with us for several weeks on a big art project, Orion has been a very pleasant surprise to us, he worked very dedicated and with a lot of passion on the project and was really flexible with his working hours. Orion is also a really nice and trustworthy guy so I would really recommend Orion!

Hugo & Vincent

Orion’s rust repair and welding has done a great job. I am totally satisfied and can continue my restoration project. Orion’s rust repair and welding has welded for me a new battery support in my scooter frame, and immediately protected it against rust. Everything is nicely done.